Friday, January 22, 2010

Nataly's Cake

I made this strawberry cake for a little girl who was turning 5. She had a flower theme party. I made the flowers and leaves out of marshmallow fondant and covered wire in green fondant. I attached them with water and they actually stuck together really well. The cake turned out cute and the birthday girl loved it.

Purple Roses Cake

I know I always say that I don't do wedding cakes, but when a regular customer asked me to make a small cake for her wedding I agreed to do it. She only needed 40 servings, so I thought I would just tell myself it was a floral birthday cake. The roses are made of fondant and the strawberry cake is frosted with white buttercream with ivory scroll work and ruffles.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jolynn's Wedding Cake

My sister, Jolynn, disregarded my intense fear of making wedding cakes and asked me to make hers. She found a picture of a cake she loved online. The cake was inspired by a china pattern, hence the woodland animals and horse heads. I finally gave in and said I would make it. Things went fairly well, until the drive to the church. The cake started sliding off the cake board in the car and I was trying to hold it together and was screaming the whole way. When we got there, I had to do a few repairs but it all turned out and Jolynn loved it.

The flavors were a layer of red velvet, a layer of white, and a layer of chocolate. People really loved the red velvet and kept asking for it, but it ran out quickly.