Friday, April 4, 2008

Fun Flower Cakes

Last week I had two bright floral cakes. The first was for our ward's Relief Society Birthday Party. They were using primary colors for the decorations, so I went with a yellow scheme. It is a white cake with lemon filling.

That weekend I also did a cake for a 1st birthday. The mom had brought over the plates she was using and I used that as inspiration. The plates were bright colors with white polka dots, edged in lime green, and had colorful daisies in the center. It was a layer of white and a layer of chocolate.

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Heidi Janer said...

I just searched google looking for a cute idea for a flower birthday cake and came across your blog. I loved the cake, then I read your post and saw it was for a Relief Society function . . . Great to see someone i can 'relate to' come up on the web. We've go to stick together!

Heidi Gregory