Sunday, June 13, 2010

Great to Be 8 CTR Cake

I made this white cake with lemon filling for a church activity. I frosted the cake white and then piped green cornelli lace on it. I topped it cake with a fondant CTR Shield. We had drinks made of sherbet and Sprite, which went perfect with the cake. It was a nice ending to a nice night.

Swim Party Fondant Figurine

I made this fondant figurine for a friend who was making a cake for her son's birthday.

This is how her cake turned out. How cute are the wafer cookies as the sides of the pool. I loved it!


My other job is being a preschool teacher. This year I taught 9 sweet kids. We celebrated their graduation to Kindergarten last week. I made this lemon cake, frosted it, and decorated it with their names and a figurine (my son said it was him). They sang a few song and were so cute. I will miss them next year!