Saturday, March 13, 2010

Minnie Mouse Cake

Last weekend I made this cake for a friend's little girl who was turning 3. It was actually a very simple cake - lots of circles! The hardest part was getting a true red when making the frosting. This was a lemon cake.


Marj said...

Cute! You got a really good red for your buttercream - how did you do it? I think that is the hardest color to make in buttercream!

Kim said...

To get a true red use "red red". Also start with a little bit of frosting and get it super dark then add more. If you get your base frosting dark it saturates better. Letting it sit also helps.

Darcie said...

This is an adorable cake! My daughter has requested pink Minnie Mouse for her birthday this year. Did you cover your tiers in fondant or frosting? Therefore, did you apply the head/ears cutouts onto frosting or onto fondant? I'm concerned if I apply them to frosting they will slide off due to their weight (or get grease stains). Also, did you make the top tier ears out of fondant? And if so, did you prop them up with anything in back? Thanks for any insight or advice!