Saturday, July 16, 2011

Princess Peach Car Cake

A client asked for a Princess Peach cake, like one a had made a few months ago. Due to a time crunch this week, I agreed, but needed to use a toy topper rather than spend several hours making Princess Peach out of fondant. The cake still turned out cute. The top layer was white with a strawberry filling and the bottom layer was white and chocolate with an Oreo Filling.

Harry Potter Cake

My daughter, Alexis, turned 13 this week, so we threw her a Harry Potter party, that included going to the midnight showing.

This was a marble cake, with ivory buttercream frosting. The sorting hat was made of Rice Krispy Treats, covered in fondant. The hat was fun to make and turned out great.

Candyland Cake

This was a 3 layer cake - chocolate with Oreo filling, white with strawberry filling, and marble with chocolate filling. I made the lollipops out of fondant, and used candy to decorate the rest of the cake. The castle topper is cake-filled ice cream cones that are frosted and topped with fondant cherries. It looks similar to the castle at the end of the game.