Thursday, January 7, 2010

Jolynn's Wedding Cake

My sister, Jolynn, disregarded my intense fear of making wedding cakes and asked me to make hers. She found a picture of a cake she loved online. The cake was inspired by a china pattern, hence the woodland animals and horse heads. I finally gave in and said I would make it. Things went fairly well, until the drive to the church. The cake started sliding off the cake board in the car and I was trying to hold it together and was screaming the whole way. When we got there, I had to do a few repairs but it all turned out and Jolynn loved it.

The flavors were a layer of red velvet, a layer of white, and a layer of chocolate. People really loved the red velvet and kept asking for it, but it ran out quickly.

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Stephanie said...

I just bid on your listing for the Abbott auction and have been looking at all your cakes.


I LOVE everyone!

I am thinking of every possible event I could have a cake for!!

You will be hearing from me!